Michael Lovatt- Bio

13 Oct

Michael Pygmalion

by Rhea H. Boyden

Irish-born producer and Dj Michael Lovatt spent his early childhood in the United States, where he became interested in music in his early teens. He developed a love of hip hop while listening to pirate radio stations in Philadelphia in the 80’s. He then started making his own music when he got his first sampler, an Ensoniq EPS. His first tunes were inspired by 80’s synth pop and ebm like OMD, Kraftwerk, DAF, New Order, Depeche Mode, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb and classic Chicago house. He spent the 90’s in Greece where his music was further influenced by his love of rave, acid house, trip hop, techno, progressive house, acid jazz and drum and bass. He became immersed in the illegal rave scene in Athens, djing at many private parties. He was resident dj for 3 years at Athens’ only electro bar Inoteka. As the years passed, he played in various bands, dj’d a lot and continued to pursue his love of 80’s electro, techno and house. In the late 90’s he decided to take a break from the music to focus on his career as a graphic designer. He realised soon enough though, that he was dying a slow creative death and listened to the voice of reason and another dear dj friend, and put his soul back into making music fully in 2002. In 2005, he moved back to Dublin where he became resident Dj with a collective known as The Hospital Crew where he played weekly gigs. He has since played at festivals all over Ireland and also in Switzerland and Germany, and has released music on record labels Melonsound (DK), Subtec Records (DK), Dublin Express (IE) and Echo Deluxe (BR). His sets flow between deep, soulful house to hard hitting techno and classic party tunes. One of his successful side projects is ‘Urban Response’ which is a mix of funky and soulful Brazilian flavoured trip hop. He has recently relocated to Berlin where he is already feeling very inspired to produce more music in this fabulous city that is famous for its techno, electro and house music scene.

Michael Lovatt Bio and Link

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