Orpheus and Eurydice

3 Feb


by Rhea H.Boyden

Like Eurydice she feels the sting, the bite of the snake. But she remains in the underworld with her. She is not ready to arise yet. The ice-encrusted wheel is spinning in the brook, round like a timepiece. It is not time yet, it warns her. The truth has been spoken, it was time for that. Somehow the stars were aligned on that night. Like a simple, straight, dark line that honours simplicity and serenity it was shot like an arrow. She still loves Orpheus and the strum of his lyre. Desiring truth she dares to pose the question. Can the irrational and the rational coexist? Or will they collapse? She is sure for one bright moment that they can coexist through the truth and beauty of art. Art, as it has done before, will save her for one day.

Painting of Orpheus and Eurydice by Edward Poynter

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