5 May

  By Rhea H. Boyden

Validation came in the end. Why did she search for it where it did not lie? He spoke the truth from over the mountain, behind the mist. The veils of fear were lifted. The rainbow is a bridge to validation, far, far from the land of rainbows. One must walk it before it fades. Seize the moment, for that is all we have.  It was Gilgamesh who first saw the colours, who sang the song after the raven never returned.  Do they hear the music? Do they know the difference between philosophy and naivete? Between corruption and caring? Do they care? No, they do not. One can only listen to the poet, for he is the one who will listen to you, brew your tea exactly as you like it. Making it sweetly, sweet, with sugar, but not sugar coating it. The truth of love and validation has no sugar coating, but sings its own sweet song.

The above poem is a response to my friend and fellow poet S.D. Clifford’s poem ‘For the Poets will Love You’ recorded here with piano accompaniment:

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