In Memory of Taidhg Burke-Neff

25 Oct

Some of my happiest childhood memories are of the frequent weekend trips my dad would take my brother and me on up the beautiful Mealagh Valley to spend glorious weekends with the Burke-Neff and the Wieler families. We would spend wonderful hours romping through the fields, walking up the mountain and going down to the river with all the kids. West Cork, Ireland was truly such a wonderful place to grow up. I am deeply saddened by the events of the past days and of the tragic death of Taidhg Burke-Neff, but I also see what a strong and supportive community we have in Bantry and how much love is shown and shared at this difficult time. My thoughts are with Taidhg’s amazing parents Sandie and Noel and his sisters Niamh and Roisin, and also with the Wieler family: Fred, Janny, Flora, Frank, Sunny and Myrthe. Love and hugs to you all from Berlin. May Taidhg’s beautiful soul and music carry everyone through this difficult time. Love and condolences to all. RIP Taidhg. xxxxx

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